Chair of Tibetology at LMU Munich

In 2003, the TARA Foundation established an endowed professorship with a 25-year guaranteed term in the field of „Tibetology and Buddhist Studies“ at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU). Tibetology, together with four other subjects at LMU, is involved in the interdisciplinary Buddhism Studies Program, which also offers an internationally successful doctoral program.

Der erste Stelleninhaber, Prof. Dr. Franz-Karl Erhard, hat entscheidend zum Erfolg dieser Programme beigetragen, bevor er 2019 in den Ruhestand ging. Danach wurde das Fach von verschiedenen Gastprofessoren vertreten.

The first incumbent, Prof. Dr. Franz-Karl Erhard, contributed decisively to the success of these programs before retiring in 2019. After that, the subject was represented by various visiting professors.

Efforts from various quarters have resulted in another contract being signed in 2020, adding another 9 years each to the guaranteed 9 years remaining through the TARA Foundation, guaranteed by the Khyentse Foundation and LMU itself, thus continuing the professorship for at least 27 years.

The replacement is in the final stages. The appointment of a successor is expected in the summer of 2023.